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K&L Management is a Dallas-based marketing consulting firm offering a variety of solutions and services. Our priority is to take out the 'complexity' of business operations and 'simplify' your methods for success - "Management Made Simple." 

K&L focuses on assessing client needs and helps to customize solutions for business strategies and goals. Our team consists of expert professionals who are here to guide, brainstorm, create and work together with you and your team. During these current economical conditions, our main focus is to support marketing & PR needs, strategic planning, programs, events and other work our team is able to produce to help you meet new and ever-changing business goals.

We've provided services for a diverse group of regional clients including the Dallas Convention & Visitors Bureau, AIDS Services of Dallas, 4DWN Project, South Dallas Employment Project, Cornerstone Chiropractic and more. Over the years, we've supported a wide variety of local artists, musicians, restaurants & bars in the area of marketing, events & PR.

K&L promises our clients integrity, professionalism and a team with the expertise and passion to exceed business needs and expectations.  Give us a call to see how we may help you plan, manage and execute your vision for growth and impact in the community you serve.
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After 20 years of experience in the corporate world, wearing many hats and developing a wide variety of skills, I launched K&L Management in October 2013 as a full service consulting firm specializing in support and solutions for businesses of all sizes. Services include Strategic Planning, Marketing & Communications, Business Planning & Development, Website & Social Media Management, Event Management, Business Consulting, PR & Media Relations. Born and raised in Texas, I'm proud to serve the DFW community and to support and work with local businesses each day.

Kristi Holman

Founder & CEO



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